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The Portable Far Infrared System

The Go portable Far Infrared Home Sauna System is designed so that it is light, portable and can just be folded up after use. It can be your personalised heat therapist. You can take it anywhere.


Pure Far Infrared rays deliver relaxing and soothing warmth wherever needed. The GoTM is simple and convenient to operate. Our body generates Far Infrared in the range of 6 -20 microns with the majority of activity in the body is in the region of 7 – 14 microns.

Enjoy this powerful Far Infrared therapy anytime & anywhere. 

Maxiheat System

The GoTM portable benefits from the unique Maxiheat SystemTM enabling the unit to
reach the selected temperature within 2 minutes of being switched on.


  • The Far Infrared panel uses a special blend of Carbon and Semi-Precious minerals which are unique to the GoTM Far Infrared portable Sauna System.
  • The Maxiheat SystemTM  ensures rapid heating and optimum delivery of Far Infrared Rays. 
  • Unique Parabolic Design helps ensure maximum depth of penetration of the Far Infrared Rays. 
  • The GoTM System emits Far Infrared in the 6-20 micron range across the internal arch surface. This results in an even distribution of heat ensuring the greatest benefit from the treatment.
  • This treatment does not need to involve perspiration, so the user can extend the period of use allowing the Far Infrared to reach the deepest core of the problem areas.

Technical specification

  • Net Weight: 4.0kgs 
  • Gross Weight (Boxed): 6.4 kgs
  • Dimensions Open: 66.5 X 49.5 X 33.5 cm
  • Dimensions Folded: 49.5 X 36 X 14.5 cm
  • Far Infrared: 6 – 20 Microns
  • Power consumption: 380W
  • Max Temp: 900C
  • Voltage: 240Volts
  • Warranty: 12 Months

How to Use The GOTM System

The Go can be used to warm the body with Far Infrared rays; it can be used while sitting or lying down on a bed or sofa while watching television.

The GOTM System can be placed over the knees, ankles, elbows or any of the joints where it may be desirable to apply the Far Infrared Rays.

In addition it is easy to use to apply Far Infrared rays to any area of the body including your back if so desired.

So Light & Portable

The Go is so light it can easily be lifted with just one hand by most people. When you are finished using your GO TM, you can fold it up and place it in it’s carry case so it is now ready to go with you wherever you want.  

Simple Controls for Setting Time & Temperature

Press the time button to select one of the preset durations ranging from: 20, 40, to 60 minutes. The time is automatically changed by pressing the timer button. A light will indicate your selected time and an alarm will sound at the end of your session.

Press the heat button to select your desired setting; Low, Medium or High temperature. A light will clearly indicate your chosen setting.

Care: The GoTM can be cleaned using a damp cloth or sponge and mild detergent.

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