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Why Detox?

Doctors are increasingly coming to the view that for good health everyone should undergo regular detoxification ......even people who are well

The Million Dollar Question is:

The Body is Capable of Repairing and Healing itself; if the body is NOT repairing and healing itself the question is WHY?



Because often the Body’s ability to repair and heal has been disrupted by accumulated Toxins! 

When you cleanse the body of stored toxins you eliminate many chemicals responsible for disrupting good health & your body can start healing and repairing itself once more!

Daily Toxic Exposure

The difficulty we face is that we are exposed on a daily basis to toxins in the air we breathe, the food we eat, the cosmetics we use, and the water we drink to mention just a few of the challenges we face.


Toxins are Invisible

So often toxins are odourless, tasteless and mostly invisible. You don’t perceive much happening at all. In fact a cocktail of toxins are accumulating in the body and being stored up, and the body cannot get rid of them.


Invisible Toxins can Make you ill

We rarely connect the dots and associate these invisible toxins with our health problems. Doctors are finding that excessive levels of toxins are present in the body causing serious health problems. In a nutshell we can see that in this modern world we cannot avoid exposure to toxins, this seems inevitable given life in the 21st century.


Your Body Produces Toxins

The body is like an engine, it uses fuel in the form of food, and once the fuel is used waste products are generated. These are normally eliminated by the Bowel, Kidneys, Liver, Lungs, and Skin. However when the body experiences a toxic overload it is no longer able to detoxify itself so well.

So the body is exposed to both internal (made by the body) and external toxins.


Detoxify & Live Well 

Doctor’s tests reveal that many of us have excessive levels of toxic substances stored in our bodies, which can ultimately lead to health problems. When we detoxify, the body is cleared of it’s accumulated toxins, good health can be restored and the body can go about it’s business of repairing and healing itself.


Where do Toxins Come From ?

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