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What is Far Infrared

Far Infrared rays are invisible rays of light discovered by a scientist named Sir William Herschel in 1800.

They are present in Sunlight just beyond the visible light range.   
This invisible band of light is felt as heat.


Approximately 80% of solar energy is made up of Far Infrared rays and 60% is in the range of 10-20 microns (0.01 -0.02mm). 

The human body generates Far Infrared rays between 8-14 microns (0.008 – 0.014mm). When our bodies are heated by Far Infrared rays the activity level of our atoms are increased and heat can be generated.

The visible light spectrum ranges from red through to violet, the colours of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. 

Infra-red means "below-red" just like ultraviolet (UV) means "above-violet."

Video Introduction to Far Infrared

A Portable FAR Infrared Home Sauna uses the FAR part of the   infrared spectrum. 


Our Get Fitt Far Infrared products emit light waves in the range between 4 -20 microns (0.004-0.020mm).  The human body best absorbs far infrared at approximately 9.4 microns (0.0094mm).  Far Infrared light is associated with many positive and healthful effects. 


There are 3 Types of Infrared Rays

Infrared Rays have been divided into 3 types according to wavelength; Near, Mid and Far Infrared. 

Wavelengths can be measured in millimeters but are usually measured in units called microns just because the measurements involved are so small; for example 0.00076mm.

We show both measurements below to give you a meaningful idea of how long or short these wavelengths’ of light really are.

1 Micron = 0.001mm

So these wavelengths of light are as you guessed very very short.

Near Infrared is the shortest wavelength through to Far Infrared which is the longest ranging from 0.004mm – 1mm.

Near Infrared: 0.76 – 1.4 microns
(IR-A)  (0.00076mm - 0.0014mm) 


Mid Infrared: 1.4 – 3 microns
(IR-B)  (0.0015mm- 0.004mm)


Far Infrared: 3 – 1000 microns
(IR-C)  (0.003mm – 1.00mm)


Note: Different organisations provide variations on the above classification. These divisions are not precise and vary according to the publication you read. We refer here to the system recommended by The International Commission on Illumination (CIE).

Far Infrared Spectrum

The Far Infrared Experience - How Does it Feel

Far Infrared is the deep heating energy (Invisible Light) from the Sun that warms our bodies directly, without heating the air. It makes us feel warm, energised and healthy. It also penetrates deeply into our body and is of great benefit to our cells and tissues.

Far Infrared Rays provide you with a way to warm up the whole body at temperatures even less than your own body temperature (380C). You can actually sweat and Detox even at these lower temperatures.

We can experience Far Infrared in the following ways: 

♦ Lying on a Sandy Beach – The warm sand emits Far Infrared Rays helping you to relax and detoxify.

♦ Heat coming from the sun

♦ The Body emits heat in the form of Far Infrared Rays

♦ Heat emitted from a persons hands when we are touched

Our palms emit Far Infrared energy too, from 8 to 14 microns. Palm healing, an ancient tradition in China, has used the healing properties of Far Infrared rays for 3,000 years. Yogis in India also employ palm healing and recommend it especially for relieving eyestrain.

Your Body Generates Far Infrared

Studies have shown that Far Infrared rays are completely safe; in fact approximately 50% of the energy generated by your own body is in the form of Far Infrared rays. So FAR infrared is completely safe. (J Cardiol. 2008)

Night vision goggles used by the military detect the Infrared Rays generated by the body.

Our bodies radiate Far Infrared energy through the skin at 3 to 50 microns, with most output at 9.4 microns. Our palms emit Far Infrared energy too, from 8 to 14 microns. Palm healing, an ancient tradition in China, has used the healing properties of Far Infrared rays for 3,000 years. Yogis in India also employ palm healing and recommend it especially for relieving eyestrain.

Relaxing & Detox

The advantages of Far Infrared Rays are that they warm the body throughout using low temperatures - even as low as 380C which is body temperature. They also penetrate far more deeply giving greater health benefits

Far Infrared rays warm your body directly and NOT the AIR. This means you do not have to use high temperatures to benefit from the treatment .Many people simply cannot tolerate the high temperatures of 950C used in regular saunas.

Conventional saunas can be really uncomfortable & often operate at 65 to 950C, using hot air or steam to heat your body. When the hot air or steam comes into contact with your skin, the skin becomes heated and transmits this heat to the cells closest to the skin.

Safe & Energising

Experience the safe energizing, healing and detoxifying Far Infrared Rays contained in sunlight without exposure to any of its harmful effects.

FIR are the safest and most beneficial electromagnetic energy source available for the body that comes from the sun. (J Cardiol. 2008)

There is no question that when we are in the sun we feel good. We feel warm, relaxed, energised, and alive.

If you imagine the body to be like a battery, when the body receives Far Infrared Rays it becomes charged with energy, just like charging a battery.

When the body absorbs Far Infrared Rays it is being charged with the pure energy that is easily available to the body. This energy is in the form of photons which is fuel that the body can easily use for healing and repair, ultimately helping the body's natural regeneration processes.

80% of Sunshine is Far Infrared

We feel good in the sun and 80% of sunlight is Far Infrared. Taking a Far Infrared Thermal Treatment™ gives you that energising and relaxing feeling similar to being outdoors in the sun or lying on a sunny beach.

Most of us spend 90% of our time indoors and have become daylight deficient. This means we rarely experience the beneficial rays of the sun.

Recent studies suggest that lack of daylight contributes to fatigue, depression, suppressed immune function, hair loss and skin damage. Lack of balanced spectrum of light may also contribute to loss of muscle tone and strength. You can now take your treatment any time you like and no longer have to wait for a sunny day. 

No Sunburn No Skin Damage

Far Infrared rays are the safest and the most beneficial rays from the sun. (J Cardiol. 2008)

Far infrared Rays Do Not cause sunburn and damage your skin & should not be confused with Ultraviolet Light which can cause sunburn and damage the skin.

Far  Infrared  Rays  Are  NOT  Microwaves

Far Infrared Treatment is being used in Hospitals in Japan by medical Doctors. In addition Doctors all over the world are now recommending the us of Far Infrared Treatment.

There has been some misleading information suggesting that Far Infrared Rays are the same as microwaves. Far Infrared Rays are totally safe and are definitely not microwaves in accordance with the existing scientifically established Electromagnetic Spectrum.

Our Get Fitt units emit harmless Far Infrared Rays in the range between 4 -20 microns (0.004mm - 0.020mm). Microwaves are much longer and range from in excess of 1,000 -1,000,000 microns (1mm to 1metre) in length.

Far Infrared Rays are safe and:

  • Energise & Relax You
  • Boost circulation
  • Increase cellular metabolism & repair
  • Improve the functioning of your heart & blood vessels
  • Not to mention the weight loss, fat reduction & Detox benefits.

Good  for  Detox,  Weight  Loss,  Pain  Relief ….

The deep penetration of Far Infrared Rays means more effective Detox, pain relief, weight loss, better circulation, and improved heart function. (Biophotonics, 2004)

Far Infrared energy penetrates tissues to a depth of over one inch. Its energy corresponds closely to the body's own radiant energy so that body tissues absorb close to 93% of the Far Infrared waves that reach the skin.

A conventional sauna relies on hot air having direct contact with the skin to heat the body.  A Far Infrared heater heats only10% of the air, leaving over 90% of the heat available to directly heat the body. Thus, the Get Fitt Far Infrared units can warm its users to a greater depth and with more efficiency than a conventional sauna.

Everyday Far Infrared Rays

We can experience Far Infrared Rays (FIR) on a cold cloudy day. When the sun comes out we become warm, when the sun disappears we once again become cold.

The air temperature did not change at all, yet we became warmer in the sun. This warming effect is Far Infrared heating the cells of the body directly without changing the air temperature.

FIR coming from the sun does not heat up the air, just the body directly, from the inside out.

Far Infrared Vs Near Infrared?

Far Infrared Rays (FIR) however penetrate the body much more deeply than Near Infrared Rays (NIR) and the warmth will then radiate out to the skin and the surface of the body with a uniform warming effect.

NIR warms you from the outside in without penetrating the body so deeply, the FIR penetrates much more deeply and warms you from within first. (Biophotonics, 2004)

When Near Infrared Rays (NIR) heat organic substances, the surface gets hotter than the interior, and the heat is conducted from the surface of the skin to the cells just below. This form of heat does not penetrate the body as deeply as Far Infrared. (Biophotonics, 2004)

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