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What is detoxification?

What is Detoxification?

Detoxification is the natural process of removing toxic substances safely and efficiently from the human body, leading to improved health and vitality.

What is a Toxin?

A Toxin is a substance that can disrupt the normal and healthy functioning of the body and it’s systems. 

The Body Stores Toxins

Many toxins are invisible and most of us are happily unaware of our constant exposure to them. Due to our increasing exposure to toxins we tend to absorb them faster than we can eliminate them. When this occurs your body will have no choice but to store harmful toxins which can result in poor physical and mental health.

Toxins Cause Many Health Problems

Toxins stored in the body can cause many of the health problems that people are facing. We have learned this from many years of experience working with leading doctors and practitioners.

Toxic Overload Reduces Your Ability to Detoxify

Where there is a toxic overload this can result in illness, causing many of the body’s systems not to work properly, including the Detox system. This means that the body may not detoxify very well. 

Detoxify to Restore Health

So at this stage we need to detoxify; this means improving the function of your body’s own detoxification systems. This is done by reducing the amount of toxins we put into our bodies while at the same time supporting our body’s detoxification and elimination systems with the nutrients it needs to function properly.

Detoxify and Stay Healthy

For most of us good health is a random affair, and our health usually becomes a consideration when it goes wrong. However do we approach our cars like this? No, we take care of them and service them regularly. Why not adopt such an approach with our body? Detoxify regularly and take care of the body car.

Detox Support

Everybody’s capacity to detoxify is quite different and each programme is personalised accordingly.  You will be able to work with your own Get Fitt detox specialist, who can provide support and guidance from start to finish, including post programme aftercare. We have found that Get Fitt Support is the ideal way to ensure that your programme is perfect for you. 

Our Detox Can Help

Our detox programme includes Far Infrared Thermal Treatment to help restore healthy function of your body and to eliminate toxins. In addition our simple nutritional plan will provide the body the fuel it needs to start working normally again.

Far Infrared will also help stimulate the body’s natural ability to repair and heal itself.

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