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Far Infrared Thermal Therapy (FITT TM) for Weight Loss



1st 2 months

Having been battling Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Disorder and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for years, I had almost given up hope of getting better, but I was fortunate enough to be put in touch with Mark at Get Fitt Ltd

Once Mark had explained the detoxifying process through using the Cocoon SystemTM and its success at treating my condition in particular, I instantly knew I had to give it a go. 

I have been using the Cocoon SystemTM for two months now and the results have been incredible, I have lost two stone in weight and my symptoms have greatly reduced.

It takes time and I am not out of the woods yet but i am confident that sticking to the programme i will see a full recovery. 

Get Fitt’s knowledge, support and confidence in the treatment's success is invaluable.




After many years of suffering with alot of pain, severe stiffness of the body, (including a frozen shoulder) nasal congestion and fatigue I spoke with my personal RestoreTM specialist at     Get Fitt.

He explained that a lot of the problems we encounter as we get older are due to toxic substances building up the body due to incorrect food habits. He added that a detox programme is only effective if we don’t “retox” by again taking foods that do not suit us.

It was suggested that firstly I drop out the “nightshade foods” which I had never heard of and which he suspected may be a cause of my stiffness. Unfortunately they included some foods (potatoes, tomatoes) that I liked but I was happy to try anything that might improve my health.  

In addition I was advised to commence a detox programme using the Far infrared Cocoon SystemTM which I started with his close supervision and guidance. 

Then he also took me to some of the larger supermarkets and taught me how to shop for foods that were healthy, nutritious and easy to prepare. I was then also shown some simple quick and delicious recipes that were ideal for my busy life style. 

I was optimistic but was not prepared for the sudden and stark change in my health. After three weeks I am less stiff, my shoulder has improved to such a degree that I am now playing tennis again  (I had to give up the sport I loved for six months due to pain).  

Also my nasal congestion has reduced significantly, I have much better concentration and my energy levels have increased dramatically.

For me this simple and effective programme has put me in charge of my health and has given me simple tools that will serve me well.

Thanks Mark ….. from one happy customer.



P.S  By the way I forgot to mention the added bonus of an effortless half stone (7 lbs) weight loss….in just a few weeks.


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