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  Far Infrared Thermal Treatment for Weight Loss

Discover how Far Infrared Thermal Treatment can be useful for weight loss. The Treatment helps improve circulation and can be an effective tool for losing weight. To achieve your optimum weight, rapid weight loss, weight loss supplements and the quickest way to lose weight may not be the best way for you. Find out how to lose weight effectively with Far Infrared.

Significant Weight Loss & Body Fat Reduction

Repeated Far Infrared Thermal Treatment has been shown to significantly reduce body weight and body fat in obesity. (Exp Biol Med 2003)

The Treatment may help improve impaired blood vessel function, and circulation by increasing cardiac output. (JACC 2001)

More calories are burned during this process of boosting circulation which has a similar effect to exercise. (JAMA 1981)

This increase in circulation means more oxygen and blood reach fat stores which often have a poor blood supply. This improvement in blood flow may be one mechanism by which FIR helps to induce weight loss and fat reduction.

We could talk about so many things, most of which you have heard before and frankly it’s all pretty boring as you know.

So let’s go somewhere new; How easy and simple can we make it!

Optimum weight:

1. Nourish the Body – most of the food we eat has calories – but where are the nutrients?

Nutrient Loaded Food = Satisfaction = No desire for Food ……….The Natural Way.

2. Sleeping …….. 70% of Weight Loss occurs during Sleep J

3. Only 10 – 20 % of Weight loss is the result of Exercise.

4. Unnatural feeding habits are the result of 21st Century Living causing ……..

5. Toxic Food – Leads to Toxic Overload, poor digestion, Stomach problems and …….

6. Body Movement – Sedentary Lifestyle means a lot of sitting = Poor Circulation and ……

7. Drinks – Much of what we drink causes dehydration and tons of acidity causing……

We could go on so if you are still here and reading this why not……….

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