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weight loss

Far Infrared Thermal Treatment improves circulation and increases blood flow throughout the body, and provides a similar effect to physical exercise. This helps deliver more nutrients to the body, increase weight loss, stimulate fat reduction and help reduce high blood pressure.

The main function of exercise is to increase circulation and in so doing we flush out wastes and toxins, helping prevent a toxic build-up. Toxins often cause fat production as our bodies attempt to protect our organs and systems from acidic waste & toxic build up.

One reason toxins gather in the body is due to our lifestyle. Many of us are indoors and seated 90% of the time. The result of our sedentary lifestyle is that we no longer move the body very much and the result is poor circulation. This means that blood, oxygen, water and nutrients are not reaching our organs and cells. Hence cellular wastes and toxins tend to accumulate leading to illness, obesity, and fatigue.


Benefits of Far Infrared

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