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Far Infrared Thermal Therapy (FITT TM) for Urinary Tract Infections/ Bladder damage.


As a child I suffered from severe urinary tract infections for months and months at a time. These infections went untreated for many years, aged 17 I had an ultrasound that revealed I had scarring on my bladder from the recurrent infections. I was told that I had very little bladder capacity due to the masses of scar tissue that had built up; my doctor said that this damage could not be reversed. A few months after this diagnosis I began to use the FIR cocoon for general detox, little did I know that FIR was also healing the scarring on my bladder. Three years on Far Infrared Thermal Therapy has treated the scarring on my bladder to an extent that my doctors can now see little if any scarring.  Now I use a FIR regime to control my bladder infections- so when I do get an infection its gone within days without the use of antibiotics.



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