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Far-infrared rays control prostate cancer cells in vitro and in vivo

Nature precedings 18 June 2008 hdl:10101/npre.2008.1980.1

Hiroki Shima, Shingo Yamamoto, Jun Qiu, Mayumi Shincho, Seiichi Hirota, Yoshie Yoshikawa, Reigetsu Yoshikawa & Tomoko Hashimoto-Tamaoki


We introduce a new effective method to control hormone refractory prostate cancer cells by using an activated rubber/resin form (RB), far-infrared ray emitter, with or without sodium butyrate (SB). The growth of three human prostate cancer cell lines (Du145, PC-3 and LNCaP) was suppressed in vitro and in vivo by using RB, and the cells were eradicated with RB + 3 mM SB. G1 arrest and apoptotic pathway proteins were induced by RB with intensified expressions of apoptosis – related mRNA on cDNA microarray.

RB radiates the infra-red rays of the 4 to 25 μm wavelengths to an object which exert a favourable influence on a cancer control.

These results may render us a new therapeutic modality in hormone refractory prostate cancer.

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