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Far Infrared Thermal Therapy (FITT TM) for Multiple Sclerosis


I have had M.S. for 25 years now. I have been using the cocoon for about 8 weeks. I'm very pleased with the results I’ve been seeing. I've had many symptoms that are disappearing. My energy level  has increased tremendously.

My always cold hands and feet are now warm. My depression and anxiety levels have dropped tremendously. I’ve had leg spasms that are gone. The craving for sweets has   dropped and so has my exhaustion level. I'm not moody.
There are a number of other symptoms that have lessened drastically. 
 'All in all I am very pleased with the Cocoon and will continue using it so I can keep improving.'




Since using the Cocoon SystemTM for just over 6 weeks, I didn't realize how much it had done for me until I looked back at how I was when I first started using it.

I have MS and suffer from a number of  symptoms but after using the Cocoon SystemTM I have noticed that I have an incredible increase in my energy levels, I also sleep extremely well after having a treatment in the Cocoon.

I have found that my muscle aches seem to have gone as has the stiffness in my joints, neck and the extreme cold hands and feet that I suffered from. I have also noticed my skin is less dry than it was and my anxiety seems to be relieved.

The monitoring and support that I have received from Get Fitt has been fantastic too - they have really helped me alot.

So I would definitely recommend that anyone with MS should seriously think about investing in the Cocoon SystemTM as it really does help.




My name is Jane and I am 40 years old.  I was diagnosed with MS in July 2006, just before my 40th birthday! 

The symptoms I have experienced over the last 18 months include severe dizziness and vertigo to the point where I couldn’t get out of bed even to go to the toilet. 

I experienced numbness and tingling throughout the whole of my body, even in my mouth which made me feel like I have just got out of the dentists chair!  Also I had stiffness in my knee joints and probably the worst symptom was swelling pressing on my optic nerve which considerably affected by eyesight, leaving me unable to drive, work, watch tv or even go out on my own.

I started my Far Infrared treatment at the end of November and have been using my sauna at home for 3 months. Since I started using the sauna I have seen a great improvement:

My eyesight is nearly back to normal. I can now drive and I have returned to work part time. 

I have also found my other symptoms improved:

The numbness and tingling have greatly reduced and the stiffness in my legs is also reduced.

I am happy to say that Far Infrared treatment has really helped to reduce my MS symptoms.





I have felt poorly for most of my life, with a dreadful stomach, and chronic headaches.

The long list of ailments include:

Multiple Sclerosis, numbness, tingling, stabbing eye pain, black and white vision, painful electric shock sensations, CFS, Interstitial Cystitis, repeated cystitis, leaky gut, poor circulation, low stomach acid, insomnia, repeated fungal infections, breast pain, skin problems, nutritional deficiencies, painful 'pulling' let muscle, gum problems, undiagnosed respiratory problems and arthritis symptoms- joints swelling, pain and ceasing up etc.

I drank weedkiller when I was 2 and had access to 'the chemical shed', and from an early age have had repeated exposure to farm and horticultural chemicals, including getting covered with sheep dip (organophosphates) regularly and there was an unknown grey powder all over the barn where I played as a child. It emitted a pungent chemical smell when I washed my hands, which lasted for days. We sometimes worked (from the age of 7) amongst puddles of chemicals after spraying equipment had been rinsed and bags of chemicals would sometimes burst and be left lying around. My father believed that the products were safe, or that they would not be allowed.

At the age of 15, I ended up rushed to hospital, and being told I was 'heading for a stomach ulcer'   For several years I had awful bouts of excess saliva production, uncontrollable throat spasms, pretty bad depression, memory problems, chronic fatigue, hallucinations, balance problems and far too much adrenalin - I have since been on beta blockers 3 times to slow my heart rate. I have used lead and cadmium quite a lot and have had 3 MRI scans.

Looking back I wonder whether this may have been linked to the chemicals.

My mother worked with DDT on a farm for many years, and died of MS.
My brother also worked next door to our farm in the horticultural business and had a 2" brain tumour removed and his body produces no testosterone. He often breathed in the weedkiller 'round up' whilst spraying crops in the 1990's. No-one used any protective masks or clothing.My father developed severe hyper-mania and psychosis and died in a mental hospital.

In 2009 I was quite poorly, I spent a large amount of that year unable to work much and in bed. I went to my GP with a very long list of worsening symptoms, but there was not much to be done, so I saw a nutritionist who put me through comprehensive digestive analysis and other tests. With several new things diagnosed I decided to take control and do some research into my conditions and found details of the Get Fitt Far Infrared Sauna Cocoon.

Thinking that I may well have toxic issues.... I bought one. Get Fitt were fantastic, they provided regular phone support and closely monitored my programme. I felt supported by the knowledgeable and friendly voice at the end of the phone.

Initially my symptoms would come on whilst in the Cocoon, a sudden onset or worsening of a headache, or a pain where I had a wound, but it always subsided quickly and I was back to normal either during or after the treatment.

During the treatment I would quickly fall into a deep sleep, only to be woken by the machine switching itself off.  I love being in the Get Fitt far infrared Cocoon.

it was difficult to get out, being so warm and relaxing. I very rarely used to sweat (and neither did my mother) but the Far Infrared Sauna kick-started my system and I now sweat normally, which feels very cleansing – My circulation has improved a lot and I also don't feel the cold so much anymore.

Over time I began to tolerate longer sessions with no headaches or other symptoms, the difference from when I started is amazing -I still go to sleep though.

During this time I also implemented dietary changes, I have always eaten healthy food, but was advised to give up gluten and dairy and to take a range of supplements to address my deficiencies and for the CFS.  I also followed a special diet in an attempt to control a mould called Rhodotorula, which was thankfully successful. External toxins were avoided as much as possible, toxin free skincare products and air ionizers were purchased along with a water distiller.

I also had 11 mercury fillings removed by a specialist.
My rollercoaster road to recovery involved plenty of setbacks and breakthroughs, but I kept going and am pleased to say that I have been 'well' for a year now and for the first time in my life and am symptom free. (apart from a negligible contrast issue in one eye which is improving all the time, and an intermittent memory..) 

The headaches have gone, my skin has improved and increased energy levels have made it possible for me to work 7 days a week, often working 15 - 17 hours a day singlehandedly renovating my new art gallery and working on painting commissions for my customers.

I have never been this well and I am so thankful to the team at Get Fitt for helping with my recovery. This is the best thing I have ever bought!



19 years with multiple sclerosis and in wheelchair for 10  years.Prior to beginning Far Infrared Thermal Treatment I constantly felt ill and weak. There were no days that I felt well.  Soon after beginning just 5 minutes a day in my Cocoon SystemTM , I no longer felt unwell.  As the treatment program progressed, I began to feel well and have more energy. Now, 3 months into the program I am feeling well and energised most of the time. My general overall physical and mental states have improved significantly.   The blanket has been a major factor in my improved quality of life.



I have had M.S. for 25 years now. I've had many symptoms that are disappearing. I have been using the cocoon for about 6 weeks. I'm very pleased with the results I’ve been seeing. My energy level has increased tremendously.

My always cold hands and feet are now warm. My depression and anxiety levels have dropped tremendously. I’ve had leg spasms that are gone. The craving for sweets has   dropped and so has my exhaustion level. I'm not moody.

There are a number of other symptoms that have lessened drastically.

All in all I am very pleased with the Cocoon and will continue using it so I can keep improving.


Wendy - USA

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