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If you want you can sweat and Detox with Far Infrared at low temperatures little more than body temperature – unlike conventional saunas that can run at around 950C or more.



You can also detoxify at very low temperatures without sweating when using Far Infrared Thermal Treatment. Toxins can be cleared out in the urine or the stool (through the kidneys, and large intestine).

Toxins do not have to be sweated out, for many people who are unwell the skin does not function well, and often they simply cannot sweat. Also many people cannot tolerate the high temperatures of a conventional sauna.

Far Infrared Thermal Treatment provides radiant heat which warms the human body directly. It can penetrate the body up to 6 inches.

As the light penetrates the body, heat is released breaking down stored toxins, allowing them to be eliminated through the skin in the sweat.

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