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Mark Givert

Founder & Managing Director


About Mark

I began life as a chartered surveyor, in the corporate world of commercial property Investment and development. In my mid 20’s I was young, successful, & unfulfilled. I needed to find out what was the point of it all.

During the next 5-6 years I delved deeply into the martial arts, yoga and eastern philosophies.

Then one fine morning I awoke with 2 rather interesting questions:

1. Who Am I? 

2Why am I alive?

Simple questions are they not? Indeed. The answers however were not so readily available to me. I proceeded to take a 7 year sabbatical and travelled the world in search of answers……I found them! 

On my journey some of the places my travels took me to included: Mexico, Guatemala, Bolivia, Belize, Peru, Nepal, China, India, Tibet, Bhutan, The Amazon, The Mountains of Northern California, Egypt, Jordan, Indonesia, Germany, Austria, and Holland.

I was blessed to spend time with wise men, saints and sages of many traditions.

I had travelled to some of the remotest regions on the planet and all this travelling had taken it’s toll. The journey had left me blessed beyond imagination; however there was a price to pay. My health was terrible; I had been left with a lot of gut, and liver damage, not to mention the parasitic and host of other infections that ravaged my body. It took 6 years of research, and a lot of trial and error to discover how to get well. 

Finally with a programme of detox, Far Infrared Thermal Treatment, and nutrition I was able to restore good health. In fact after my recovery my health was the best it had ever been. Good health knows no bounds and as I apply what I learn, my good health continues to flourish.

I have learned over the years that good health is a dynamic process, similar to a plant growing; as we age it is possible to achieve lasting and ever improving health.

The result of my journey & poor health was the creation of Get Fitt. The company was formed in 2004 and after my many years of preparation and incredible experience helping the chronically sick; finally I can begin the work that I have always really wanted to do - To help people get well and stay well.



What I Do at Get Fitt

My role is very much to steer the ship; To formulate our goals, our mission and to develop the company.

My Passion is creating simple and effective health systems. I am constantly striving to make life easier for you all, to develop new, and simpler ways of improving your health.


To formulate and make available for all, the simplest & most effective health system in the world.



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