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Would you believe it if you were told that a cocktail of antibiotics, anti-convulsants, anabolic steroids (from cattle waste) and contraceptive drugs –are all in your tap water.

Anything up to 100 different drugs have been detected in your water supply, and in reservoirs, lakes and rivers.

These drugs effect us even at low levels, so when they get into your tap water, it should not really surprise us that they can have an impact.

Many pharmaceuticals are getting into the tap water from discarded unused drugs and also via human waste. These drugs then get mixed with the chlorine already in the water often leading to an even more toxic mix.

None of the existing filtration plants being used for our water treatment has been designed to eliminate these drugs, this is also true for most home filtration systems. 

Reverse osmosis is the only real way to remove substances such as traces of pharmaceuticals, but it is expensive and generally is not used on a large scale for public water treatment.

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