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Far Infrared Thermal Therapy (FITT TM) for Improved Cognitive / Brain  function


I am a 49 year old personal trainer. Exercise has always been a major part of my life. In terms of time spent exercising, +  20 hours per week,  I could be classed as an athlete. My diet is largely healthy – organic foods, fruit and veges as far as possible, whole foods and  minimal processed foodstuffs. I am on the wellness side of the continuum.

I first started using the sauna about 6 months ago. The very first thing that astounded me was sleep. I’ve always slept well. I’m tired at the end of the day and go to sleep and wake up easily. Ever since I had my children I sleep lightly – my children cough, snore, turn, I hear it. After using the sauna only 2or 3 times my sleep became much deeper and when my head hit the pillow I knew absolutely nothing till morning and when I woke up I was refreshed. The deepest most wonderful sleep I have ever had.The days I sauna there is always this same glorious effect.

The second thing that happened was equally dramatic. I was working with a client on a bike that monitors heart rate. Doing this particular workout my heart rate would  generally be +165 beats per minute; this day my heart rate would not go above 140bpm and I was still able to produce the same work load or burn the same amount of calories with much less strain on the heart. This effect remains when I sauna regularly. Also, at rest, my normal heart rate is + 54bpm but when I’m using the sauna regularly this goes down to +45bpm. These effects are beneficial and healthy.

At Christmas time I developed back pain and sciatica. This happens when I neglect to balance my own exercise program. My physio with acupuncture and my osteopath manipulated but made no difference. I happened to do an unusually long session in the sauna( I fell asleep) and lo and behold my back pains disappeared and have not returned.

The last and no less amazing effect the FIR sauna has had has been the effect it has had on my memory and thinking. Since having children these have never really recovered.  The sauna, used regularly, has improved my cognitive function immeasurably.



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