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Far Infrared Thermal Therapy (FITT TM) for Hashimoto’s disease


My problems started about 20 years ago.  What seemed pains and aches developed into an autoimmune problem. I did a lot of reading on ‘healthy living’; I was trying to understand the problem of the disease. I found that regardless of my diet and all the vitamins and minerals that I was taking I was not quite right. I needed to detoxify, but, did not know where to start; did some chelation to get rid of toxic metals, did a very alkaline diet for almost a year and I was getting nowhere.

About 7 years ago I ordered some supplements from a doctor and with the supplements there was a paper about nutrition and detoxification. It recommended the Far Infrared Sauna to achieve success on getting rid of toxic load (toxic metals, viruses, acidity in the tissues etc. etc).

My doctor recommended Get Fitt Ltd and provided a phone number.  I phoned had a long chat with Mark and asked lots of questions about the sauna and decided to give it a go, but, I was still not sure if that would sort out all the health issues I was having, by chance I found a book called Detoxify or Die by Dr. Sherry Rogers, needless to say I was so impressed about all she says about toxicity and the need to detoxify using the infra red sauna, that helped to make up my mind and phoned to order my Infra red sauna.

I started using the Far Infrared Cocoon, however only when I started using it regularly that I started seeing good results. I had recently had some tests done and I was pleasantly surprised that the thyroid Auto Immunity has come down from 2000 and something to 223; I am sure with continued use if the Far Infrared  sauna, supplements and diet I will get there.

‘’I remember a doctor in Harley Street said to me that Hashimoto's was incurable. ‘’

Wherever I go I make sure that I take the Get Fitt Cocoon with me.

The sauna made such a difference that I did not realize how well I was feeling, I had some bad days when I had pains and aches, but I persevered, I had so much help from the Get Fitt Support team.  They were so good and understanding, they always suggested things to do or not do.

Another thing that I have learned is to deal with the emotional issues in my life.

Enzyme markers for Hashimotos were 2000 down to 223.


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