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cfs chronic fatigue syndrome

The nature of these toxins varies, ranging from heavy metals (mercury, nickel and cadmium) to chemicals, pesticides, hair dyes, solvents, and plastics to name but a few. Doctors have been discovering that these toxins are disrupting the healthy functioning of the body at a cellular and genetic level.

We are being increasingly exposed to so many new chemicals - 5 million new chemicals have been created by man in the last 50 years. Many of these chemicals are known toxins which cause cancer, birth defects, damage to the liver, bone marrow, the nervous and immune systems.

Many chemicals are very fat soluble and tend to accumulate in our bodies. These low dose chemicals may be more toxic than we ever anticipated because many of them mimic our own hormones. Creating problems for us and future generations. 

However once the toxic load has been reduced
the body can  repair and heal itself.

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